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Audrey Hogarth
Cole and Breanna Hogarth
May 3 2008 - May 4 2008

BFO Walk to Remember  

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Dug and I attended the BFO, Bereaved Families of Ontario, Walk to Remember which was held at Streetsville park in Mississauga.  It was a very nice event. Great weather to take a nice stroll through a beautiful park. We made a leaf for the memory tree, added Cole and Breanna’s name to the memorial shirt, tossed stones in the river in their honour and added a memento of Cole and Breanna to the memory book. 

There was an amazing dove release and the BBQ afterwards was good too. We didn’t talk to anyone, other than two organizers that approached us, but figured that next year we’ll probably know some people after going to group sessions. It was a good experience and we are glad we went.


Canadian Cancer Society Relay for Life  

Friday, June 6 & 7, 2008

We organized a team to participate in the 12 hour Relay for Life to support and fund Cancer research.  Although Cole and Breanna's death had nothing to do with Cancer their passing made us feel like we needed to do something postive for society.  They insipired us to be better people and so we named our team "The Poohs" in honour of Cole and Breanna.

The event ran from 7pm on Friday night until 7am on Saturday morning.  Our team consisted of Me, Dug, Becky, Amanada, Darren, Susan and Alan.  Geoff also hung out with us for a while and was our honourary member that was "on the track" for most of the night.  There were 54 teams at the Georgetown Relay for life and all the teams combined raised just over $93K.  Our team alone raised $1,450!  Thank you to everyone that pledged us.

The track was lit by luminaries that were purchased and lit memory of loved ones and those that have beaten and survived cancer.  Our team members lit several candles in memory of loved ones.  Dug and I lit a candle for Papa who died from lung cancer and one for Breanna and Cole to preserve their memory and recognize the good they have brought out.



PBSO Butterfly Release  

Sunday, June 8, 2008

The PBSO, Perinatal Bereavement Services of Ontario, organizes a butterfly release and picnic in memory of our lost babies.  We released two butterflies in honour of Cole and Breanna.  Our butterflies took off so fast we couldn't even get a picture of them.

At the event we met up with Jane and Matt, friends that we have met through the PBSO Brampton support group, and we had a picnic with them and Jane's parents.  They were so nice.

I won a prize for my bag of Poohs in the 'lets make a deal' game.




Cole and Breanna's room was decorated with Winnie the pooh so now anything pooh reminds me of them.  Shortly after they passed away I started collecting peek-a-poohs because they are soooo cute, fun to collect and easy to have around since they can hang off my purse, cell phone, rear view mirror, etc. I'm trying to complete two entire collections and in the process giving my duplicates to my friends.  My hope is that when they look at their peek-a-pooh they will be reminded of my baby angels Cole and Breanna.  It makes me happy to see people recognize their short but precious lives.

The first ones I bought were from the vending machine at the Georgetown marketplace mall.  Then I got a great deal from some girl that was selling her set of 44 on Ebay and my collection really got started.  Now everywhere I go I look for them.  I also have some friends that are keeping an eye out for vending machines with unique sets aswell (thanks Becky and Carolyn!)  I have bought a few rare collections off Ebay but mostly I buy them from the vending machines.

July 2008 - collection is growing

Nona's Memorial Garden

Nona Susan, Dug's mom, created a beautiful memorial garden in her yard at her house in Kelowna BC for her grand-babies Cole and Breanna.


Memorial Garden

Dug and I built a memorial garden in our backyard for Cole and Breanna.  It is filled with beautiful purple and yellow flowers, some garden ornaments and a solar butterfly.  There is also a special flower planted in there that is meant to attract butterflies.



Grave Site

Cole and Breanna are burried in Georgetown, just a 5 minute drive north from our house.  We visit them a few times a month and sometimes have a picnic there.  We have not yet decided what to do for a grave stone since we purchased a 3 plot so that we could be buried with them when our time comes and we can only have one stone for the 3 plots.  For now we have chosen to decorate their grave with some solar lights, garden ornaments with hanging peek-a-poohs and silk hydrangea flowers (my favourite).  

A fellow grieving mommy, and dear friend Jane, made us two beautiful bricks with Cole and Breanna's names in them.  They are so beautiful so for now we are using those as their place markers.  Thank you Jane!


Dug's Tattoo

Dug decided that he really wanted to get a tattoo in memory of our babies.  After some searching he decided on getting a tattoo of baby winnie-the-pooh and eeyore with angel wings and a halo. Although the expereince with the tattoo artist was less than stellar, the tattoo itself came out perfectly.  We both love it!

I myself, never thought I would ever get a tattoo and thought 'what could possibly be so important that I would want it permenantly etched unto my body?'  Well, now I know!  I am still contimplating what I want to get done but some day I will have a tattoo done for Breanna and Cole.  I want to remember them always and have them with me all of the time and also by having a tattoo of them it gives me an opportunity to talk about them, and I love that.



One of my very dear friends, Becky, got two stars named after Cole and Breanna in the Taurus constelation.  We are so touched by such an amazing and thoughtful gift.  I know that it will bring me great comfort for many years to look into the night sky and see their stars.  Thank you so much Becky.  Words cannot express what this means to us.


Balloon Release

August 16, 2008

Dug and I decided to do something to commemorate Cole and Breanna's expected arrival.  Their actual 40 week due date was August 30th but we were told I would be induced at 38 weeks because they were twins.  August 16th would have been 38 weeks.  So in order to do something special we picked up some Winnie-the-Pooh and Eeyore hellium balloons and went to their grave.  We set up a blanket (as we do when we have picnics there) and read to Cole and Breanna all the information that was given to us by Becky regarding the stars she had named after them.  Then we wrote messages on their balloons and set them free.  It was very windy and their balloons just took off into the sky.  We stood there and watched them until they became so small that they were no longer visible.  

We love you, miss you and think of you always.


PBSO Walk to Remember

October 5, 2008


Wave of Light

October 15th 2008 7pm-8pm

Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day.  If everyone lights a candle at 7pm and keeps it buring for at least one hour, there will be a continuous Wave of Light over the enitre world in remembrance of babies that have passed away.


Mount Sinai Hospital Memorial Service

November 4, 2008

Dug and I attended the Mount Sinai memorial service for babies that had died at the hosptial in the past year.  They read each baby's name and the parents came to the front and lit a candle for their baby and were given a rose as a keep sake.  We also created a book of messages to our babies which is kept in the hospital library.

They graciously included Cole in the memorial service even though he did not pass away at this hospital.  But they along with us felt it would be most appropriate to honour and remember Breanna and Cole together.


Memorial Trees

We received in the mail a notice that two trees were planted in memory of Cole and Breanna.  They were planted on Crown Land just east of Algonquin Provicial Park.

The card reads:

"If I had but one day left to live, I would plant a tree" Martin Luther King

We would like to express our sympathy to your family through the planting of a memorial tree in honour of your loved one.  It is our wish that this living symbol of hope will bring you some small comfort at this difficult time.

The card also included two certificates confirming that our funeral home has committed to the planting of one memorial tree in honour of Cole Hogarth and one memorial tree in honour of Breanna Hogarth.

The program is run by www.memorywoods.com


BFO Loving Memory Tree

The loving memory tree is an annual event hosted by the BFO-H/P at the Great Hall in the Mississauga Civic Centre.  It's an opportunity for friends and family to remember and honour their loved ones that have passed away.  Each light on the tree represents a loved one that has passed away and there is a list of names beside the tree.  There was also a slide presentation displaying the names and pictures of the loved ones being remembered.

I was granted the honour of lighting the candle on behalf of Infant Loss at the opening ceremonies of the event.


Chrismukah 2008

The holidays this year were particularly difficult because last year at this time we had already discovered I was pregnant and we were already planning how this year would be different with a child in our family.  Not having Cole and Breanna here with us this year is just heart breaking.

We received several very sepcial gifts this year in honour of our little angles.

  • Dug bought me Swarovski crystal Winnie-the-Pooh and Eeyore.
  • Dug's mom gave us a beautifully coloured stained glass with butterflies. 
  • Nicola gave us a beautiful glass butterfly
  • Mandy gave us an angel with stained glass wings that she made.
  • Natasha gave us two sets of angel wings made of feathers.

I also decorated Cole and Breanna's grave site Winnie and Eeyore stockings and xmas Peek-a-poohs.



Share the Joy

Share the Joy is a program we run at the school I teach at where each class is assigned a person in a family in the local community that is in need and we purchase gifts and necessities for them during the holiday season.

This year I specifically asked to be assigned to a baby (actually it turned out the baby was due in January but arrived a couple of weeks early) so that I could give the family all sorts of stuff that I had received and collected in preperation of Cole and Breanna's arrival.  We had boxes of diapers, baby wipes and formula.  My class did a good job of donating money (they each paid $2 and some of them paid extra to get out of detentions).  With the donations purchased a bunch of baby clothes and toys which I found difficult to shop for but healing too.  As a symbol for Cole and Breanna I purchsed a big Winnie the Pooh stuffed animal.  I hope the family enjoyed their gifts.


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