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Memorial created 06-14-2008 by
Audrey Hogarth
Cole and Breanna Hogarth
May 3 2008 - May 4 2008




The mystery of death
Followed the miracle of birth
The height of joy made place
For the depth of sorrow
Will the tears ever dry up?
The aching emptiness subside?
Two little angels were among us
For just a fleeting moment
And they flew away
They did not even cry
But we do

They are my flesh and blood
They have always been a part of me
But I am a part of them too
Now that they have their own souls
And they are entitled
To their own share of the worlds to come

I know their brief visit
Will not be in vain
Their names are meant to belong
Snug between mom and dad
Their souls will now be holding strong
The bond between the loving parents
Who would have made them very happy

There is nothing I can do or say
That will console our children
But they are a part of us too
I know they will find the strength

Written by Grandpa Frank (Audrey's father) and read at the funeral



Two Brilliant Stars in the Skies Above

There is never a day that I do not sob and cry
For the loss of our babies, and I wonder why
For our two Angels that were going to be our delight
Are now in the heavens as stars, casting a brilliant light

Breanna I got to see you and give you a gentle touch
Not knowing you were leaving us, and that I would miss you so much
Cole and Breanna you are brilliant stars above
Sending your family below your everlasting love

My sweet little Cole, I was never to meet
But one day, you both will come to greet
Your loving Nona when she comes your way
And know that she will be at your side forever to stay

The pain is sometimes too hard to bear
And please my little Angels know that we care
To my two little Angels, so bright above
I will forever miss you forever and send you my love

Written by Nona (Dug's mother)



Cole Duglas & Breanna Lucy Hogarth

Today I woke up and started to cry
And asked the Lord, oh why or why
For some reason he decided to take you away
When he knew we only wanted you both to stay.

The pleasure we had waiting for you to be born
Never knowing that would be a time for us to mourn
You had such a loving family with so much to give
And Lord, how we prayed that you would live

To love, to hold and to kiss
We were unaware of what were we to miss
To little angels from heaven above
Too little time to tell you of our love

Your Nonna weeps and cries
Like the rain falling from the skies
Oh why, oh why did he take you away
When we so much wanted you both stay

One day when we meet again
Is the only time, my heart will not see the rain
The tears that come from my eyes
Will once again belong to the skies

Written by your loving Nonna



Cole & Breanna

The months have gone by, and I can't be very strong
But in my heart,  every day I seem to mourn,
Because in my heart, I know that it cannot be wrong.
Without you two, I will always be forlorn

Our beautiful little babies that we wanted so much
I yearn for my babies and yearn to touch
To kiss, to cuddle and to love
But you flew away, like a gentle dove

I have two beautiful butterflies tattooed on my arm that are flying away
To remind me of how I prayed that you two would stay
In honor of our beautiful angels in the heavens above
To remind me and everyone else of my endearing love

I look lovingly of my pictures of your Mom and your Dad
I know the pain, the emptiness that makes them so very sad
And I know the sadness they are feeling will always last
Their memories of you both will be in the future and in the past

Your Nonna loves you both so very much
And longs to have you both to hold and touch
She dreams of you both and hopes never to wake up
When she is sleeping and dreaming, her world does not erupt.

I love you my Angels.

Written by your loving Nonna



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