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Memorial created 06-14-2008 by
Audrey Hogarth
Cole and Breanna Hogarth
May 3 2008 - May 4 2008



Cole Duglas Hogarth

Born at Credit Valley Hospital

Saturday, May 3rd, 2008

7:49 am

1lb 5.8oz ~ 620g

12 3/4 inches ~ 32.5cm


I'm going to tell you something
I hope you'll never have to know.
I'll tell you how a heart can break
And tears can constant flow.

I lost my baby boy you see,
An angel in my eyes
God chose to take his hand one day
And led him to the skies.

But please do not forget my child
He was a person too
And forever he will live
Inside of me and you.

So, please don't ever tell me
That time will heal my pain
Because not even time
Can bring him back again.

Just tell me he is happy
In that land way up above
He's snuggled in an angel's wings
All wrapped in Mummy's love.

Author Unknown





Long before I was even pregnant I often thought about having a son and how amazing that would be.  Dug is the only living child of his parents and I wanted to have a son to pass on the family name and make his parents proud.

During my many late night drives to/from my father's house for friday night dinner I would frequently listen to this song, Childhood Dreams by Nelly Furtado, and think about how wonderful it would be to finally be pregnant and have a son. 

When I found out we were infact having a boy I was so happy.  My dream had come true.  I now see that Cole really was 'the little boy made for me in the stars.'   Although Cole did not join our family in the way had hoped, he is and will always be our first born son. 

Dug and I consider Cole our little adventure seeker.  He was always kicking up a storm and punching like crazy. Unfortunately, he was so eager to see what the world had to offer that he just could not stay inside of me and had to get out.  

Whenever we see a butterfly we think of Cole and his adventurous personality.  Flying around checking out all the wonderful places the world has to offer.


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